Private Equity
Maximizing value by fundamentally transforming hotel businesses
Asset Management
Executing hotel business improvements
Corporate Strategic Advisory
Advising on value enhancements
Optimus Services
Fundamental hotel business enhancement is the foundation of the Optimus investment and asset management strategy. Optimus works with high net worth individuals, banks, private equity firms, insurance companies and other financial institutions with ownership interests in hospitality companies and assets. Our investment professionals accomplish value creation through a unique combination of experienced operating resources, sophisticated financial insights and rigorous investment underwriting. We create significant value for investors and clients through our diverse expertise in hotel operations, asset management and acquisitions. Our investment and asset management approach is rooted in a combination of the following strategic principles:
Reliance on operating know-how and industry expertise to implement the transformation of hotel
Active, informed and experienced operating oversight while creating sensible financing structures
to maximize value.
A belief that successful businesses consist of trustworthy partners, experienced managers and
sound financial underpinnings.
Focused asset underwriting beyond balance sheet and cash flow analysis, studying macro and
micro industry trends, customer relationships, potential efficiencies and new opportunities
for revenue enhancements.
A focus on key issues impacting competitiveness, in order to develop strategies to improve
Collaboration with management to establish a strong business foundation on which repositioning/
growth initiatives can be supported.
Long-term approach to investment and relationship management.
Private Equity
Optimus invests in hotel businesses when it believes that it can fundamentally improve the enterprise
value with a combination of investment insights and operating knowledge.
Optimus invests directly or through joint venture partnerships with a focus on the following types of
hotel investments:
              -    Equity: Invest in well-located assets in high barrier-to-entry markets with the potential to become market leaders in their segments through repositioning, active managerial oversight and/or restructured capital stack
              -    Debt: Invest in distressed debt and other loan instruments when a transformation of the hotel is possible with the right mix of participants, re-alignment of interests and restructured capital stack
Asset Management
Optimus goes beyond traditional hotel asset management. We focus on enhancing hotel performance
a combination of operating and financial optimization techniques. We take a team approach to
asset management with the premise that focused expertise leads to value creation.
The Optimus team works with management/owners to create and execute business transformation
strategies that maximize returns. Our process involves the following:
              -    Meet with owners, operators and other relevant parties to get an accurate sense of the
operating history and understand value drivers
              - Develop a SWOT analysis of the hotel and its market
              -    Evaluate the hotel and its market, interview competitors, understand key demand generators,
and assess the prospects of the location
              - Review all relevant agreements, including franchise, management, joint-venture, etc.
              -    Perform a financial evaluation of the business to determine profitability potential and optimal
capital structure
              - Recommend/implement reposition or growth strategies that would enhance value
              - Propose incentive structure for maximum value creation by management/employees
              - Develop professional, optimal reporting formats that meet investor needs
To ensure alignment of interest, our compensation structure is back-ended, with most of the benefits  
realized upon successful completion of the business transformation.
Corporate Strategic Advisory
In addition to investment and asset management services, Optimus provides strategic advisory
focused on maximizing the value of hotel investments at the asset, portfolio and/or company levels.
              - We take a holistic, team approach to value creation and focus on coaching managers on
how to execute the transformation of hotel businesses during restructuring or
turnaround situations
Strategic advisory assignments are conducted on a short-term or continuous basis depending on
the client’s needs. Our team works hands-on with the client to get a complete understanding of
the business.
Optimus undertakes an extensive evaluation of the hotel business to determine value drivers and
optimal business/value enhancements.
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